5.6kW V8 Medium Static Pressure Duct


The medium static pressure duct uses pressure of up to 160 Pa which enables the application of medicalgrade HEPA filters, and even small capacity models can be equipped with high-efficiency filters, efficiently filtering fine particles of 0.5 microns with an efficiency of over 99%. Airflow: By digital fan motor and a specially designed independent drive chip enables precise control and output on demand. It can automatically adapt to duct lengths from 10 to 160 Pa equivalent static pressure without intervention from the installer.

  • ESP up to 160Pa (all models)
  • 245mm ultra-thin height (all models)
  • Static pressure adaption, constant air volume supply
  • Built-in 1200mm high-lift drain pump
  • Optional HEPA filter with H12 rating
  • Optional medium to high e ciency filter